a few years ago, the italian philosopher giorgio agamben wrote: what we usually call contemporary is most likely something timeless: something that happens without precedent, unexpectedly.

a very suggestive concept for the complex scenario that we have been experiencing since the first 21st century lights were turned on, with high velocity proliferation of research, languages, procedures, intentions and understandings.

we, at cpfl institute, face the challenge of integrating different projects in a sustainable manner, focusing in the following areas: social, cultural and sports activities in the communities where the cpfl energia group operates.

our projects range from supporting and constructing public policies, a travelling mobile cinema, and road races - which involve thousands of people, to encouraging reading in a mobile library that travels to small rural towns across the country.

over the years, we have consolidated our experience in organizing and spreading knowledge about the contemporary world, and, from 2020 we have enhanced our social development programs, concentrating even more investments in actions that transform realities in the communities where we operate.

we believe this model actively creates social protagonists and their work, qualifying and legitimizing each actor to face contemporary social challenges.

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cpfl in

the cpfl effort in hospitals is part of our commitment to shared value, one of the pillars of cpfl group's sustainability plan, and has two structuring axes: hospital humanization and infrastructure and research support.

the focus is to drive the improvement of public health institutions, an essential service to society.

axis 1: humanization

organização não-governamental, que promove a humanização hospitalar através das artes cênicas, jogos, atividades divertidas, contação de história e música, capacitando e formando voluntários.

associação griots
through storytelling, the association's volunteers work on patients' feelings and creativity, helping to humanize the hospital environment and accelerate medical treatments

smile doctors
through art, professional musicians and scenic artists bring lightness to the hospital environment, producing an impact on patients’ physical and mental health at public hospitals.

energy efficiency
the cpfl in hospitals program, focusing on energy efficiency, has invested R$ 150 million in solar energy photovoltaic projects to foster the improvement of public health. energia solar fotovoltaica.

in addition to lowering bills in hospitals, the initiative also generates environmental gains: lower consumption of electricity prevents, for example, the use of thermal plants, which are more expensive and polluting.

we support inspiring projects to build a better future for the next generations. with music, culture, literature and sport, we envision the future development of children and adolescents through actions that promote the integration of these young people into society and that reduce their social vulnerabilities.


created in 1997, it offers free music lessons in the northwest region of campinas/sp, with a socio-educational and cultural focus, contributing to the complete development of children and adolescents.

around 4000 students have already attended the anelo institute, many of them became teachers and professional musicians.


with the goal of contributing to sport democratization through the practice of athletics, the project offers opportunities for social transformation for children and adolescents at risk in the city of campinas/sp.

by providing career perspectives in sports, the initiative promotes the exercise of citizenship, increases the quality of life and develops sporting talents.

>>literary cart

the literary cart is a traveling library with a collection of 500 books, to encourage reading and to develop new readers.

during 1 year, the cart visits municipal schools for about a week each, so that teachers have the opportunity to develop projects aimed at students’ reading skills.

the cart also offers games, puppets and the book collection catalog. after a year, the cart and the books are donated to the municipality, which becomes responsible for the management and continuity of the project.


donating to the child and adolescent municipal fund, we support institutions that carry out projects in the areas of culture and sport.

promoting social transformation through after school programs, we contribute to the reduction of social vulnerability levels.


semear’s main goal is to spread the culture of volunteering. creating an appealing movement that engages employees and partners in social actions, we are able to change realities, contributing to the development of the communities where cpfl operates.

the program was created to help manage our volunteers, to align our actions and to further the development of all stakeholders, internally and externally.

annually, about 10 ngos receive funds.

>>cpfl in schools

educational initiative carried out in public and private schools in the state of são paulo, which disseminates a culture of energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Ela promove a mudança de hábitos de consumo de energia de alunos, educadores e famílias.

this initiative targets the cultural exchange between Brazil and China, with concerts, films and lectures, etc.

brazil and china borders are getting narrower with the sharing of technology, science and trade.

but who is this contemporary china so present in our lives yet we know so little about it? by exploring these issues, the initiative seeks to build cooperation, dialogue and mediation between Chinese and Brazilian cultures.

during chinese culture month, which always takes place in september at the headquarters of the cpfl institute, we offer films, chinese and brazilian music concerts, as well as cpfl philosophical cafe sessions, with themes that approximate contemporary western and eastern lines of thought.


the initiative #circuitocpfl promotes travelling cultural and sporting events across the country, contributing to the democratization of access to culture and sports.


Cine Solar
mobile cinema that works with solar energy.

run and walk
runs and walks from 3 to 10 kilometers, encouraging the practice of sports and enhancing quality of life.


café filosófico is one of the most recognized initiatives we have.

created in 2003, the project promotes a series of debates on relevant and thought-provoking contemporary themes, with the participation of experts and prominent individuals representing brazil’s and the world’s best thinkers. the program is broadcasted twice a week on tv cultura and its affiliated stations.

30 million

people impacted by our digital production yearly

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